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Right House is the leading apartment builder in Coimbatore & Chennai from 1968.

We offer Luxury & Quality residential apartments for sale.

Current Project: Mount Kailash.
Mount Kailash offers 2 BHK / 3 BHK apartments in a supremely stylish complex at Right House, Coimbatore.

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We are the leading property builder for over 46 years. We have a solid belief in developing quality apartments in Coimbatore & Chennai that are not just aesthetic but very strong.

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We take sheer care in building the dream house of our valued customers! Materials used for the construction are from quality brand. Each apartment is designed perfectly to Vastu.

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Check Out! What our valuable customer want to say about our quality of work. We do what we say. we believe not just in creating quality homes, but in building enchanting relationships too.

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Bricks are undoubtedly amongst the most commonly used construction materials anywhere. Bricks of different varieties are available in the market such as clay bricks, cement bricks, fly ash bricks and so on. However, the most commonly used and readily available type is theclay brick. The details and quality tests to be discussed in this submit are on clay bricks.

In the case of apartment, the entire load is taken cases. If of the framed structure and hence the general feeling of everyone is, it is only for the purpose of partition. Hence, in general all inside walls are made up of 4 inch brick walls and all outside walls and wall in between two apartments are made up of 9 Inch Wall.

Nowadays, everyone preferred to conceal wiring and concealed Pipe Lines. So 2 to 2½ inches are cut open on these 4 inch walls and many places, similarly most of the junction boxes & switch boxes require more space & hence wall is broken through

When the routine cutting is done, if one practically goes near the wall, we can see the wall just float/shaken as if it may fall at any time. Then usually the pipes are fixed, concrete / market covered and plastered and strengthens their 4 inch wall.4 inch walls cover the most of the walls generally in apartments.

If a stronger brick over used in these 4 inch walls (and so has to be in 9 inch walls also) this shake and little cracks can be avoided, though the cost of the stronger bricks is almost double.The Cost of a normal brick is Rs.5 /- it receipts the load of 4N/mm2.Rather cost of wire cut brick is Rs.11 /-but it receipts the load up to 18 N/mm2.We get 41/2 times stronger bricks when we double the cost.

Testing Method

Water absorption test: Five bricks are picked at random from a stack of bricks intended to be used. They are then dried thoroughly in a laboratory oven at a temperature between 105¤C to 110¤C. Thereafter they are cooled and weighed separately. Then they are kept immersed in cold water (27¤C or – 2¤C). After 24 hours the bricks are taken out of water and excess surface water is wiped off using a damp fabric. Immediately after, they are weighed again separately. Supposing that the dry weight of a brick is Wd and the wet weight of the same brick is Ww, the water absorption capacity of the brick expressed in percentage of its dry wt. is = (Ww – Wd)/Wd X 100. Upon calculating the same for each of the 5 bricks the average is finding out which is considered as the water absorption capacity for the bricks. The water absorption capacity of first class bricks should not exceed 20% when calculated as described above. The same for 2nd and 3rd class bricks are not to exceed 22% and 25% respectively. For any superior quality brickwork, first class bricks only are recommended while 2nd & 3rd class clay bricks are advised for moderate to low quality work.

Normal Quality: Brick- 4N/mm2 –Cost Rs.5 /-



Most vital part of the construction industry is concrete. The mix is very important. We have to ensure the following


Chips should be cubical (i.e.) to have more than 5/6 sided, so that it can take load on all sides. It should not be flat. It wouldn't take a load on the flat surface and it is susceptible for easy breakage, so that the concrete strength will fall rapidly.


River sand, coarse is preferable, and no clay should exist in it. It is idle to wash the sand before it mixing of concrete


It is mostly advised not to add dust in the mix which will dilute the strength of the concrete


Only soft water is to be added. The water PPM should not exceed 100 PPM. The Coimbatore Zone all ground water is average 300 PPM to 3000 PPM. It is to be treated, softened, tested and then only it is added to mix. Proper quantity of water will increase the strength. If more water is added, the mix will be easily flow able but it will reduce the strength of concrete.

So the Water in the mix should come out to loosen the mix, when Vibrator is properly done with needle and betake vibrator it will be only water mix and no loose water will be seen in the mix.

Before pouring concrete the cover block should be checked whether it is fixed below the still Network. So that Concrete will be on either side of the steel, add maximum strength to the structure.


Water reducing agent and concrete flexibility agents and steel composites resisting Agents to be poured in the proper proportion to have a better connecting effect.


Calculates in N/mm2. A rich mix concrete of 1: 1½: 3 ratio, with proper additives will result 80% more strength, with an extra cost of 25% or otherwise 125% of the cost will yield 180% of strength.


Cube testing is to be done for every concreting, three cubes should result identical figure in the 7th day. It shows 58% the final strength of the concrete, which is attainable on 28th day (98%)

Normal Quality:

Concrete- 20N/mm2 –Cost Rs.3200 /-

Water Test


The main ingredient in the construction field is water, but generally doesn't take care of.

The water PPM should be less than 100, as per the coder of the building industry. All Engineers know it, very well. Even the government and PWD buildings are not able to follow this, as therein no extra money paid for softening water.

If the water from bore well of Coimbatore is sent for testing in king institute or water analysis department, then it and comes with a clear certificate that "this water is not suitable for construction."

Because all waters in Coimbatore are with minimum 300 to 400 PPM in Marudhamalai Road and goes up to 2000 to 3000 PPM in Saravanampatti Area

But almost all constructions are going on with these waters, it will lead to weaken the strength of the materials and concrete, hence corrode easily affects the rods inside. Ultimately, the life of the buildings drops dramatically.

In below to up keep the strength of the building the water should be tested and if needed, it is to be softened before sending for construction.

Water used for mixing and curing shall be clean and free from injurious quantities of alkalis, acids, oils, salts, sugar, organic materials, vegetable growth or other substance that may be deleterious to bricks, stone, concrete or steel. Potable water is generally considered satisfactory for mixing.

(i) Water found satisfactory for mixing is also suitable for curing. However, the water used for curing shall not produce any objectionable stain or unsightly deposit on the surface.

(ii) Sea water shall not be used for mixing or curing.

(iii) Water from each source shall be tested before the commencement of the work and thereafter once in every three months till the completion of the work. In case of ground water, testing shall also be done for different point of drawdown. Water from each source shall be getting tested during the dry season before the monsoon and again after monsoon.

Normal Quality:

Below 100 ppm (At Coimbatore minimum 300 to 400 PPM in Marudhamalai Road and goes up to 2000 to 3000 PPM on Saravanampati Area .almost all constructions are going on with these waters)



Marking in Steel Rods is done as Fe 500 or Fe 415,

Fe 500: Base is Bulletin or pure ingots. No other materials are mixed with.

Fe 415: Base is Steel ingots with scrape mixed up to 16.8% (i.e) 83.2+16.8%=100%

@ 83.2 X 500 = 415 or Fe 415

83.2% pure in Fe 415
100% pure in Fe 500 = 100 = 1.20 or 20% Superior Material

Cost of Fe 415 (83.2 % Pure) is Rs.54 /-
Cost of Fe 500 (100 % Pure) is Rs.58 /-
Cost various 7½% Paying more we get 20% Superior Material


Coimbatore is declared as a cosmic III tier zone. So proper precaution to be taken care off


Rich mix of concrete to be put on wall designed Steel Frame Work Pedestal Footing to be made up to ground level to absorb the shock, All the rods are to be welded properly to the entire length of overlapping, make tying by G.I. Wire will get released at a pivotal time rings to be tied at their interval of 4" Span instead of the normal 6" to 8" Span

Normal quality:

Steel- FE 415 for minimum floors & FE 500 for tall towers

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Our Client's Testimonials

Quality and Reliability have been the hallmark of “Right House in the field of real-estate development. After 4 decades of their presence in this field what comes out most strikingly is the lasting relationships they have built with all their NRI customers & Investors. It is indeed a large Right House family still growing, steady … Continue reading Mr. Arun Kailasham

Mr. Arun Kailasham

OCBC Bank – Singapore

Right House Constructions have helped in developing our property in Mullai Nagar, Vadavalli, Coimbatore. It was a pleasure to be associated with Right House and their proprietor, Mr. L. P. Alaghappa Chettiyar takes special pains to see that the construction is done with the best material. The planning and construction have been exemplary given the … Continue reading Mr. Sivakumar Natarajan

Mr. Sivakumar Natarajan

Associate Director, Capegemini india Pvt.Ltd - Bangalore

Very good construction. Only quality materials are used for construction. Building are very strong. I have not seen any builder using such a good quality materials for construction of apartments. I appreciate the Right House for constructing apartments with high quality apartments.

Mr. B. Rajasakaran

Professor in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Living here is a living dream! A breathtakingly beautiful locate, sweet water, lilting breezes, what more can I ask for. A home that incorporates every facility for modern living.

Mr. Sandeep Pereumal

Divisional Engineer TWAD Board Rtd., (of Right House)

I have always been particular about even the smallest details,that is why I decided on a home here. Right from the wiring to the windows,there no compromise. Every fitting is of good quality. Simply perfect!

Mr. Mohan Ranganath

AGM Rtd.,Canara Bank (of Right House)

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